Thursday, 30 October 2014


As of 1st October 2014, all my future works will be published under Hawes Music Publishing!  And I'm REALLY EXCITED to have the first score put in to print under the new company!  

The first score is a carol written for Gresham's in Norfolk called 'The Stable Carol' - a lovely carol for unbroken voices due to be premiered at the school carol service on 13th December. 

Although Novello will still publish all my works that I wrote between 2002 - 2014, the new company will publish all my future works - and it's a GREAT feeling to be self-publishing!

The new website ( is currently under construction and is where choirs and musicians will be able to purchase and hire scores for performance.

Friday, 24 October 2014


A couple of interesting features have just come my way that I thought I'd share! 

The first is a nice article on the Making Music website about my new work with the Henley Aliquando Choir: 

And the second is a beautiful video by MurleyDance showcasing their Autumn Tour using music from the Highgrove Suite:

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


A series of performances throughout October will provide a new experience for me.

The fantastic classical dance company MurleyDance are setting my Highgrove Suite to dance as the centrepiece for their Hail Britannia Autumn 2014 tour.  

Hail Britannia goes to five cities this October: Leicester, Cambridge, London, Epsom and Cheltenham.  The  programme is about being British - as much as one can fit into a 90-minute show.  There will be four new choreographic works by Richard Chappell, Anaish Parmar and Artistic Director of the company, David Murley. 

Although originally written about HRH The Prince of Wales' gardens at Highgrove, MurleyDance will be using the Highgrove Suite to take the audience on a journey of a young girl's blossoming from youth to woman hood intertwining a strong maternal theme with death, friendship and love. 

For more details click here.